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Follow my adventures on trail! Physically! Just behind me! With cheese at the ready!

Join Ross in episodes of

Gay Man Walking,

a series which showcases the trials, tribulations, 

pleasures, fascinations, and every single argument he's had with birds throughout his life on trail; all recorded by his dutiful travel companion: his video camera, aptly named Therapist.


His aim is to show a very honest and vulnerable version of someone choosing to be smacked in the face with the wonder and ridiculousness that is Mother Nature, described and dissected with a very heavy hand of irreverence and ridiculousness to match.


Enjoy laughing with and/or at me! (and hopefully empathise with and help me understand more of what happened to me, please)

He is not a section of my website, as you can see: he is a sheep made of 90's Perler beads (#ART), but nonetheless deserves a blurb because he is my mascot.  


Like him, I am colourful, derpy, and after hours of walking through farmland following sheep it's only natural that I start to presume I have actually become one. 

I hope you enjoy my website and adventures as much as Trevor enjoys being an absolute legend.

What to expect:


Your hub for short, fun, ridiculous, and extremely important clips of Ross' adventures in

 Gay Man Walking! 

What to expect:


The detailed journals of a

doe-eyed human hiking robot enthusiastically exploring the world.


satire of a

doe-eyed human hiking robot 

enthusiastically exploring the world.


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