Juan De Fuca

and Kludahk Trail

"The Slugs Have Welcomed Me Home"

114.5km/71 miles, 8 days, Vancouver Island, Canada


              Since my last hike (The West Highland Way in Scotland) I've been living on Vancouver Island in Canada, doing things such as a) wishing I was walking and b) planning walks and also c) dousing myself in a weekly plate of North American nachos because after almost 9 years of living away from Canada I have 9 years spent without proper nachos to make up for; and a lot of awful international nachos to forget about. One time I ordered nachos in London and they were served cold with the cheese not even melted. Almost worth just selling my British passport in the blackmarket, leaving, and never looking back. But this is not a post about nachos, this is a post about how I expel nacho energy. 

                The island I'm on is bigger than I thought (which is also due in part to there not being a great public bus or train system so that turns it into a massive continent to non drivers like me), it is covered in forests, mountains, valleys, a few fault lines, bears, huckleberries, hippies in the forest dancing, and now me, Ross, who will go find all of these things (bar the bears and hippie dancing circle, no-one shall upstage me).

             I walked the 48 km Juan De Fuca trail and then backtracked it a little to walk towards a lesser known paralell 48 km trail called the Kludahk Trail. Both were incredible! The exerience was as well mainly due to lack of injuries and that I did not run out of food! Yay learning! But also for the reasons I will explain in these pages; not even the amount of carrot sized slugs could deter me, as you will see. Anyways Canada it great, its my home country, it has a lot of trees, and you need a car to really get anywhere, ie, to the trees, but all in all I give it two buckets of maple syrup out of three Lynx's jumping to their prey in the winter, missing, and falling feep below the fluffy snow. So Canadian! So cute! Enjoy,

           xoxo, The Gay Man Walking

JDF Kludahk TrailArtboard 1.png