Juan De Fuca

and Kludahk Trail


Day 6

           Days off while on trail can be tricky; they’re something I look forward to, like Halloween, except sometimes the day comes and I haven’t bought any candy, prepared a costume (Sexy Ronald McDonald is my next one), only scared a few children that day and not even on purpose, and lost my trick or treating pillowcase. In other words, sometimes days off rear their heads and I’m sitting there so ill prepared to, well, continue sitting, and am over prepared to walk.

          So I walk. My day 6 was like waking up on Halloween feeling blah but then within moments emerging from my closet tossing on a rather floral frilly silk sheet with two holes in it for eyes declaring I’m the “Gay-Ghost of Gay-Christmas!”, (Halloween is Christmas to the gays, or so I am told, by the rules), and off into the world I go. Don’t get me wrong, I love sitting, I love TV, I love reading, and I love ignoring nature while surrounded by it, but not on day 6, as I could tell by my excessive fidgeting by lunchtime.

                 Every hiker knows the best time to start a hike is the three hour window after noon when the sun is pummelling you into the earth below with no mercy, and extra horseflies to boot; so naturally this is when I walked! WISE! So glad I did in the end; my last few days were shorter hikes because I had covered so much distance at the beginning of my 8 days. Speaking of which, my walk to Tea Hut, which supplied the beverage in my hand in front of this view, became longer than expected which is why it’s important to have expectations, then boil them, eat them, and dispose of them four hours later into a hole in the ground, if you know what I mean.

               Earlier in the day I saw I had 2km of easy logging roads to walk on, where I found myself putting my guard down and gleefully walking away, downhill, wrongly towards the ocean for too long while somehow still knowing I’m supposed to be walking uphill, into the alpine, away from the ocean. Thank god for tea, which I learned in Britain, can be sipped silently in the evening to pacify feelings rather than opening up and talking about them! Yay tea! Happy Halloween everybody!