Pennine way

"Of Sheep Shit and Perseverance" 

431 KM/267 Miles, 15 days, England to Scotland, United Kingdom

            Starting sometime in July of 2018 I walked from Edale in the Peak District of England, up to Kirk Yetholm just past the Scottish border. Many wonderful things happened, equal to the amount of not so wonderful injuries I sustained. I am a wee bit dramatic but I am certain I sustained an injury count of 6,000; so, because of facts, that means 6,000 wonderful things also transpired. Balance is the key to life, and the key to successfully crossing over stiles, which there were many of, because of the farms (re: sheep shit). 


         Due to the searing pain throughout my entire body in the form of ankle/hip/knee/eyeball injuries, the days and the 'so many wonderful things' that happened during these days has been tornadoed into a mess in my memory bank. It's as if a theif broke into my memory bank at the end of each day and instead of robbing me of my precious memories, just toppled over all the safes and scattered the files and promptly left me to deal with it all in the morning. Passive aggressive much; maybe it's someone getting back at me? Probably one of the many sheep I woke up from its afternoon nap as I walked through its home/bathroom (both words are interchangeable). 


          I can no longer tell you the order of events as they actually happened. Thankfully because my phone acts as my brain wishes it could, there are photos saved forever and organised by date taken, and therefore a stream of stories to read in order below.  I still love this by the way, still loved this trail, and definitley filmed the thing despite the pain, which can be found here. The captions may not make sense at times but just keep in mind that what actually happened to my human body over the course of the 15 days it took my brain to push me to the end made absolutely no sense to me too, so the captions are fitting. Delusion is fun! So was the Pennine Way! 

          xoxo, The Gay Man Walking

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