Pennine way


           Guys, yesterday I helped a couple herd their sheep! My job was to stand in the grass! But I guess I've been training for this moment by accidentally herding sheep along the Pennine Way every time I pass semi close to them; the majority of them immediately stop eating grass, turn their butts to me, pee while manoeuvring their gaze 'til it meets mine (??? me), and then book it in a straight line as far away from me as they can until I hear the dull thwack!s of the rock fence stopping them on their scurry (soz about your skulls, sheep). So yes. I'll just pretend that is me practicing herding, not actively being a living nightmare on all farm fields I traverse.


IT MOTHER FLIPPIN' CAME! And she ain’t done yet!

            Halle Berry's character from the X-Man films (I know nothing) showed up and dumped a shit tonne of great photographable contrast all along my 6th days stretch of the Pennine Way. But also in contrast, I was feeling so un-stormy inside of my brain, making day 6 the best day thus far (mainly because of paracetamol). Also I've just remember Halle's characters name is Storm.