Pennine way


Walking into Alston, Cumbria


           Guys, my body is in a really bad way. It's also on the Pennine Way, but it has decided to stop being a body. It started with my shoes being about a centimetre too small, and then got worse as my feet grew because hiking does that to you (???) so now they're actually just bear traps attached to my what used to be feet.

              I feel like a zombie who’s like...reluctant to be a zombie but over years has given in and just like has to walk like a zombie, rolling their eyes with every stumbly stride they take on the way to eat brains. The pain is real, but the stuff I still like about hiking is there, like ending the day and watching Fawlty Towers in my iPod in a tent. Still got that. Only two days to go!

              PS this is a photo of a wasp landing on my face, for context.