Te Araroa


"Through the Fern Jungle

Awaits the Hamburger"

3041km/1890 miles, 107 days, New Zealand


             In December of 2016 I started walking the 3000+ kilometre long ‘Te Araroa’, New Zealand’s official long-distance trail, translated from Māori to English as ‘The Long Pathway’ which is a really fun understatement. It took me 107 days to finish the ‘pathway’. This is my story. Please take me very seriously. I am a serious human. On that note, time for - 


            Fun Factz With Ross Jackson!!!!

          The Te Araroa goes from the top to the bottom on New Zealand, a South Pacific island nation full of green stuff + sheep + cows + a hilarious pet pig named Julia (you’ll see what I mean soon y’all) + based on my time working to save money in Wellington, the hip and cool little capital city, a lot of baristas, moustaches, and skateboards.

            Oxford’s Dictionary defines the Te Araroa as an opportunity to listen to podcasts and Katy Perry songs while slinging one's self through mud; conversing with birds; inhaling hamburgers; and losing one's mind and finding it later, somehow strengthened and refreshed. I discovered that this is absolutely the truest and most scientific definition of the Te Araroa out there, and I have managed to capture a handful of these moments in my brain and put them into words for you to read. I also captured the moments on film and released them to the world which you can find here!

              I have chosen to showcase the good and bad and everything in-between moments of the experience, but really it's mainly just me being me surrounded by trees talking about my emotions. Also, there's Julia the pig to look forward to. Enjoy!

           xoxo, The Gay Man Walking

Start of South Island

Te ARAROA MapArtboard 1.png

Cape Reinga - the start!



Bluff- the end! 

3000 KM

of New Zealand's finest!

Where I meet Julia