Te Araroa

Start of South Island


           This Swiss Famjam  reignited the embers of my love for the communal hostel dinner, and also the embers from the actual fire I spent too many hours attempting to create in the lounge room fire place. From meeting periodically on a day hike, to bonding over our shared knowledge of Biathalons, to them offering me a ride to this exact location, I consider myself a lucky little traveller. BONUS: Swiss people always travel with Lindt truffles.


           Guys somewhere in this forest I passed the 1,500 KM mark, so the halfway  point of the Te Araroa! Well I think it was somewhere in this forest, I mean I know it was at least somewhere in New Zealand, and not on a beach in Cuba, which is sometimes where I wish I was. But not yesterday; yesterday I dug deep y'all, not only into the gallons of mud that have been shat onto the trail by Mother Nature, but also into the last dregs of caffeine + cheese energy I had acquired throughout the day; culminating in 38km of terrain covered and my body covered in 38km of terrain.

           I am proud of myself, specifically for being able to whistle Hot Honey Rag from the Chicago soundtrack, on key, in completion, whilst going uphill. And also like, the hiking I guess.


             The walk through the Tararua Ranges was so 'Sound of Music' that I've composed this variation of "My Favourite Things" based on this weird parallel life I'm living as a Te Araroa fräulein. ENJÖY!


Rainbows on mountains and dead roadside kittens,

Bright copper flesh wounds and socks used as mittens,

Brown paper novels used for kindling,

One part "Walking", and ten parts "Flailing"!

Sad Hobbit ponies and squashed backpack strudel. 

Alarm bells and trees felled, and too many noodles. 

Wild birds that watch me stomp through their home -

All sheep run away so I’m always alone!

Girls in white dresses turn brown when it's storming,

Snow falls in summer because global warming,

Silver white winters that last all damn year,

That exhausted tanned zombie staring back from the mirror!

When the dog bites! (accurate),

When the bee stings! (severely accurate),

When very casual racism makes you feel yuck!

I simply remember my favourite things,

and then I don't feeeeeeeel sooooooo *trips over hiking pole* -