Te Araroa

Start of South Island


      Oh my god cute; a sunset.

        TIP: when hiking post sunset and pitching your tent successfully, changing into your comfy socks, and thanking Jebus you made it through the darkness unscathed, it is not so wise to see what looks like a plastic bag on the earth outside your tent and curiously kick at it to discover it is a very large rock. It may inhibit your walking for the unforeseeable future and make you seriously question why you were "gifted in grade school".


          Guys I just completed my final mountain summit/ridge/saddle adventure of the TA today! After weeks of countless mountains summited I have officially rocked out in all my Maria Von Trapp-ness for the last bloody time (will actually be spinning gayly for the next 350km despite being atop mountains so I take that back). The hills are alive with the sound of me twirling (which has a noise, is generally "Weeeeee!")!