Gay Man Walking

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"The Long Pathway"

 3041km/1890 miles, 107 days, New Zealand

           Watch as Gay Man Walking embarks on an adventure down Te Araroa, New Zealand's official long distance trail, running the length of the entire country. Not the wispy-in-comparison width of the country despite what his equally wispy body sometimes wished was its reality. Alas him and his body survived the journey down the length and are here to share it with the world one episode of him using his Go Pro as a therapist* at a time.

             Join him and his body as they trudge through the giant jungle fern covered mountain passes to reach the hamburgers on the other side. Laugh with/at him as he battles trails that convert themselves to mud as soon as they catch his eye, loses precious hours of sunlight as he stops every four minutes at the ever-so-temping blackberry bush-traps, and trips over his hiking poles or accidentally stabs innocent fallen leaves and passerby's feet.

            The ins-and-outs of his journey down the 3000km "Long Pathway" are here, for your entertainment, education, and misinformation. Who knows? Maybe through all the emotional confessionals, plethora of mistakes made, and overall doe-eyed enthusiasm Ross has for hiking most of the thing, you may gain some insight into what life could be like on trail, the Te Araroa in general, and how to dance-walk to Shakira through the Southern Alps.

          Feel free to send him a message here if you have any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, free money, pizza, or just want to tell him the answers to so many of the questions he asks about the nature he films yet know absolutely nothing about. Buckle in for a wild ride of emotions, sandflies, and a pig named Julia, and be prepared to learn that the translated name of Te Araroa, "The Long Pathway", may be the biggest understatement in the world.

*my Go Pro actually comes up as 'Therapist' when connected to me devices...Enjoy!



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Start of South Island











The white numbers are the episodes within each section

Te ARAROA MapArtboard 1.png

Bream Head to Dome Forest

Episode 5

Northland Forests

Episode 2

Episode 4

Nuguru to Bream Head Track

Cape Reigna,

90 Mile Beach

Episode 1

Episode 3

Keri Keri to Nuguru

Dome Forest to

Clevedon via Auckland

Episode 6

Clevedon to

Hamilton area

Episode 7

Hamilton area

to Te Kuiti

Episode 8

Te Kuiti to

Pureora Forest

Episode 9

Pureora Forest

to 42nd Traverse

Episode 10

42nd Traverse

to Round the Mountain


(not Te Araroa)

Episode 11

Walking the Wanganui River

Episode 12

Wanganui to 

Palmerston North

Episode 13

Tararua Ranges

Episode 14

Episode 15

Tararua Ranges to Porirua


Episode 16

Picton to Pelorus River Track

Episode 17



Episode 18

Richmond Ranges

to Caroline Creek

Episode 19

Caroline Creek 

to Canterbury

Episode 20

Canterbury region to Lake Selfe

Episode 21

Lake Selfe to Two Thumb Track

Episode 22

Two Thumb Track to Lake Ohau

Episode 23

Lake Ohau to

Lake Hawea

Episode 24

Lake Hawea to

Motatapu Ranges

Episode 25

Queenstown and

Mavora Walkway

Episode 26

Mavora Walkway

to Takitimu Track

Episode 27


Episode 28

Southlands to

Oreti Beach Track

Episode 29

To Bluff!

Episode 30


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