Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 0.5

Hitching to the start of the trail, the top of the North Island, Cape Reigna

"Send me help...and/or pizza."

Bamboozling myself through acts of hitchhike desperation in order to get to Cape Reinga, the top of the North Island of New Zealand, the start of the 3000+ km long Te Araroa trail. Obviously I was the most prepared. Prepared?! LOL.

Episode 1

Days 1 - 4, 90 Mile Beach to Ahipara (km 0 to 100)

"I’m delirious. It's only been an hour."

               “LeT uS BeGiN!” I whispered to myself through the pain running directly from my 28 kilogram backpack into my existing human body. This is the part of the Te Araroa that separates the humans who can walk on sand for 100 km whilst simultaneously internally combusting from humans that are sane. I was the former, and still have yet to reach the latter. 

90 Mile Beach

Episode 2

Days 5 - 8, The Northland Forests (km 101 to 200)

"Literally found some toilet paper just on the ground; and yesterday I had to use some of my previous trail notes as toilet paper. There's a difference between paper and toilet paper. The word “toilet” kind of helps.

              So this is the part of my Te Araroa adventure that co-stars 'mud' alongside myself, but also hiking poles, a rag hanging on a branch that I thought was a  ghost witch, an outhouse without a door, and friendship! Very Important Information.

Herekino Forest,

Ratea Forest,

Omahuta Forest,

Puketi Forest

Days 9 - 14, The Northlands (km 201 to 352)

Episode 3

"What I would do to be one of those cows right now; able to just sit down and eat my dinner from the ground."

               Life lessons aplenty this episode, generally based around sand flies and their awful characteristics, such as them loving to swim, drown, and float in the tea you're slowly brewing after a long day of slogging through rivers and dreaming about the tea you'll eventually throw out in a fit of delusional sandfly caused rage.

Keri Keri,



Russel Forest,

Wooley's Bay,


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