Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 29

Days 105 - 106, Tihaka and Oreti Beach Tracks (km 2933 to 3000)

"I don’t know what island that is called, I think it's called Centre Island? That is a seagull; these are things I know."

           oOooOommMmggGGGgG literally SO CLOSE TO THE END! I can 'smell the barn', a saying which means, 'I can smell how similar my scent is to that of a barnyard animal because of the lack of showers and the heightened sense of not giving a damn'. Nope, it actually means you can see/feel/sense the end, and your body works like clockwork to get you there, despite being internally rotten/dead. Watch me cross beaches with the exuberance of a teenager drunk for their first time. Deliriousness + 'Smelling the barn' makes for a fun/drunk Ross. 

Tihaka Beach Track,


Oreti Beach Track

Episode 30 (The End)

Days 107, Invercargill to Bluff! (km 3000 to 3041)

"It is day 107. Which means it is the day after 106. But it is not the day before 108, because there will not be day 108. Today is the last fucking day of my hike, of the Te Araroa - I can’t even say it properly after 108 days! Wait, 7! Shit!"

               Well, here we are folks. Day 107. The final stretch/journey to a land where I can finally sit on chairs and never stand again (lol, kidding, definitely can't stop doing this stuff). If anyone wants to understand how it felt to walk this last day, listen to 'Emotions' by Mariah Carey, and replace the word 'You' with 'Te Araroa'. Thanks so much for those who have been watching! Hope you enjoyed this journey as much as I clearly have! I am going on adventures soon and will definitely be filming them to share my naïve wisdom/hilarious mishaps with the world some more! Until then, take care, don't pack too much, you definitely can bring vegetables on the trail despite people telling you otherwise, and sandflies never loved you and they never will.  



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