Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 4

Days 15 - 16, Christmas 2016 (km 352 to 394 )

"Today’s been such a good day; like I’ve been whistling so much S Club 7 you will not believe."

           HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEBUS! Celebrated the oddly and awesomely early German and Swedish Christmas, and the normal 25th of December Christmas with a bunch of humans in 2016 in the Southern Hemisphere in the summertime with couscous for dinner and seventeen coffees for breakfast. Lots more happened.  "HAPPY CHRISTMAS HARRY! ... Happy Christmas Ron."

Mackerel Forest, Talharuru Estuary,

Kauri Mountain Track, Ocean Beach Walk, Bream Head Track

Episode 5

Days 17 - 21, Northlands/Auckland Area (km 395 to 512)

"Logic: I don’t know man, if I don’t drink water and eat coffee - wait... I’m tired today."

             Guys be ready for so much goat related fun (non sensual), and also hiking I guess, xoxo

Ruakaka, Waipu,

Cullen Brynderwyn Walkway, Mangawhai Heads,


Omaha Forest,

Dome Forest,

A House Full Of Goats

Days 22 - 25, Auckland area (km 512 to 661)

Episode 6

"So it’s hailing...Oh no that’s just rain. Basic hail."

          Additional footage shot by @rasmusaltenkamp (the Bioluminescence). Thanks Rasmus! From almost punting a hedgehog to traversing through a waist deep estuary in the pitch-black of night, the obstacles on this leg were aplenty. Much like they are all of the time, but the hedgehog thing was real drama though.

             Anyways, watch me gallop into Auckland, the first place I had seen on the horizon with a building higher than a few stories tall! Also, Auckland had things that we hadn't seen yet on the trail, like more than fifteen people at one time (all of them business-types, all of them wondering why I look like a homeless person with hiking poles).

Puhoi, Orewa,




Clevedon (Camp Sladin)

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