Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 10

Days 39 - 41, Pureora Forest to 42nd Traverse (km ? to 1129)

Anyways a family just walked by...and she said if you get stuck in the rain you can come tomorrow for coffee. So I’m going to go there and probably stay there for seven days, and eat all of their food, and drink all their wine"

           Introducing Julia, the pig! Also, I prepare for a potential storm, that brings my part of New Zealand down to a balmy 4 degree Celsius, a perfect summer temperature...

Pureora Forest, Taumaranui,

42nd Traverse

Episode 11

Days 42 - 44, Tongariro Crossing/Mount Doom (km 1129 to off trail)

"Camping is just glamping for the poor."

           IN ORDER: Cry, and almost die. Tongariro Crossing (climb Mount Doom). Then head off trail because. Which is a reason. Also, I did not do the Wanganui River Kayaking at all! Soz about it.

42nd Traverse,

Tongariro Crossing,

Round the Mountain Trail

Days 45 - 48, Walking the Wanganui River (off trail to km 1397)

Episode 12

There’s a church on the top of the hill. That's so cute! I wish it was a burger place but you can't win ‘em all.

         NOTE TO TA HIKERS: I chose not to do the Wanganui River kayaking because a) I do not like being on water much, b) because (again), c) the water thing. Walking along it is safe and wonderful from Pipiriki and on! Also, I meet my friends along the way. Yay friendship! 

Round The Mountain Trail,


Walking along the Wanganui River, Wanganui

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