Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 13

Days 49 - 52, Palmerston North area (km 1397 to 1530)

"Time to grab my poles, grab my empty thing of peanut butter, turn these lights off, and hit the road...with my poles several times to propel me forwards to an unknown location so I can probably just go to bed."

             Can someone from New Zealand/expert in trees please tell me the foam that is coming from the bottom of the trees in this episode? Science and stuff is lost on me. And trees. Is "Trees" science? Will we ever know? Tune in and maybe find out. 

Wanganui Santoft Route, Palmerston North

Episode 14

Days 53 - 55, Tararua Ranges (km 1530 to 1600)

"This is tough, hot, wet, but so much fun and the best! Also listening to Focus by Ariana Grande really helps especially when she says ‘Come on Girls!' I think she's saying ‘Come on Ross! Keep going so fast!’"

             Completing the three days of walking through the Tararua ranges is said to be one of the, if not the most, challenging aspect of the Te Araroa. This was hard to pinpoint because I have walked for 107 days, a lot to compare to. I would say that eating super glue by accident at the age 26 through these ranges takes the cake though. You can judge for yourself.  

Tararua Ranges

Days 56 - 59, Tararua Ranges to Porirua (km 1600 to 1690)

Episode 15

"Every time I look at weddings I just think, ugh, some poor young person is carrying a platter full of spring rolls."

           TRAIL MAGIC WARNING: This episode contains epic Kiwi hospitality, which in my regards, is the most sincere on the planet. (Thanks Bella and John!) 

Tararua Ranges,


Raumati Beach,


Day 60, Mega Wellington Winds Blow Us Away (km 1690 to 1733)

Episode 16

Kristen: "Because if you're gonna get blown off a mountain you might as well quit and go get chocolate."

Ross: "Yeah and blown directly into a chocolate factory sounds like a dream..."

           Kristen and I proceed to be blown off the Te Araroa trail by Mother Nature herself. 160 km/hr winds and our feeble human flesh legs do not mix. WaTcH 2 sEe uS AlMoSt DieE!!!!!!

Skyline Trail, Wellington

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