Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

The South Island

Episode 17

Days 61 - 64, Starting South Island! (km 1733 to 1871)

My legs are so stiff! I feel like a badly animated stick figure character. Like the tin man and just as gay.

             You know that famous saying, 'Don't start hiking the South Island of New Zealand after 6 days of doing no exercise whatsoever in front of a TV watching Rupaul's Drag Race, especially if you have an extremely heavy backpack, and forgot to buy sunscreen, new shorts, and bug spray.'? Yeah, that part. Welcome to the South Island y'all! 

Marlborough/Nelson Region,


Aussie Bay,

Pelorus Bridge,

Pelorus River Track

Episode 18

Days 65 - 67, The Richmond Ranges (km 1871 to 1930)

I’m going to power on to Rintoul hut. I think that must be Mount Rintoul. The big one. The flat one. At least the top’s been chopped off for us.

          MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR: This episode has been sponsored by Wasps. Wasps would like to remind every human that dares enter the outdoors that they are entering Wasp land, and must adhere to the possibility of being stung more than once in a day, which is the human's fault, because the human stepped on a Wasp home. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Wasps. *FYI: Wasps is actually the insect, not White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.  

Pelorus River Track,

Richmond Alpine Track

Days 68 - 73, Nelson Lakes National Park (km 1930 to 2038)

Episode 19

Gloves! The new hand socks.

              Post wasp-sting Ross takes a detour on the Nelson Lakes National Park section! Totally wasp free! But not bug-in-eye free! Will he be able to get the bugs out of his eyes?! Only time will tell! 

Richmond Alpine Track,

St Arnaud's,

Robert Ridge Trail,

Blue Lake,

Waiau Pass,

Caroline Creek

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