Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 20

Days 74 - 76, Entering the Canterbury Region (km 2038 to 2113)

"I literally think the closest thing I have to a fruit in my backpack are the raisins in my oats. And also my maple syrup that I just had in my bag, which is pretty much a fruit in Canada. I mean it's from a tree - so..."

              Places I went in this episode in which I distinctly remember: Anne Hut, Anne River, Anne Pass, all magical in their own way, all very hard to say because of English. 'I'm going to an hut.' 'I am following an river'. 'I accidentally rolled down an pass'.  

Waiau Pass Trail,

Boyle Village,

Hope Shelter,

Canterbury Region

Episode 21

Days 77 - 81, Arthur's Pass and On (km 2113 to 2258)

*arrives at a lake* "It smells oceany. Maybe that’s me."

               The hunt for the mysterious trailside hot sping is on! Before getting to Arthur's pass, people who are not me can navigate themselves well enough in order to find a pool of naturally hot water that isn't directly on the trail. Watch as a person like me, who is medium to bad at navigation, attempts to find a pool of water no larger than the size of his cheese-string man sized body while actually whistling Disney songs to the point of distraction. Will he succeed and be bathed (finally!)? 

Arthurs Pass,

Lake Selfe

Days 82 - 83, Getting Sick + Hiking the Rakai (km 2258 to 2357)

Episode 22

"There's just a woman wearing, like, just a normal button up shirt cause she's warm, reading the newspaper, sitting in the front seat of that trailer. I want to be her."

           The title says it all! And also I say it all, physically, in this episode, with my sick ass body and also my talkative personality. I decided to skip the section between the Rakai river and the Rangitata river for my own reasons, now watch the adventure/coughing fits of a young man as he withers away and then gets carried to a trail head to continue to wither. 

Rakai River Hazard Zone,

Two Thumb Track

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