Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 23

Days 84 - 87, Stag Saddle and Tekapo (km 2357 to 2496)

"You know that feeling of when you’re looking at something beautiful and it looks like something from a tv show? And then you wish it was a tv? And that you were watching Rupaul's Drag race instead? That is how I feel."

               Reaching the Te Araroa's highest altitude (or whatever the term is) at Stag Saddle was surprisingly emotional for me, but based on what you've seen me react very emotionally to, I don't think the viewer would be surprised that I well up at the top. Also, I am dealing with a mad chest cough at this time, so there's a lot going on. Also, I dropped a cucumber on the ground like Nadine did in episode 3 (full circle shit right here).

Stag Saddle,


Lake Ohau

Episode 24

Days 88 - 90, East Ahuriri Track to Lake Hawea (km 2496 to 2589)

"Me Vs. Nature, I feel that's this entire trip."

           I still think about that butterfly I befriend in this episode. I wonder how he/she is doing and if he/she has made other best friends of us trail zombies. MISS YOU B-FLY!

Lake Ohau,

East Ahuriri Track,

Breast Hill Track,

Lake Hawea

Days 91 - 94, Wanaka and Motatapu Alpine Track (km 2599 to 2660)

Episode 25

"So it is totally autumn now, like officially in the world - but also you can tell, and it's in the air! You can smell it, all the decomposing leaves. I mean that is severely better than all the decomposing possums of the north island."

              It has been a year and a bit since I walked the Motatapu ranges and I still have yet to research if a fact I learned about it is true, but here is the fact none-the-less. Shania Twain used to own massive tracts of land where the trail goes through, and she does not anymore. This fact gave me LIFE. The life I needed to go up and down the neverending summits of her old backyard. Please do not tell me if this fact isn't true. I would rather pretend that others are also singing 'Man I Feel Like a Woman' at the top of each summit. Gives me hope for the future of gay Canadians hiking. 

Lake Hawea,


Motatapu Alpine Track

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