Te  Araroa

Gay Man Walking

Episode 26

Days 95 - 98, Queenstown and Mavora Walkway (km 2660 to 2779)

"I feel like Maria Von Trapp, except not the part where they're going over Mount Untersberg into Germany where the Nazis are."

              I'm sure most people who spend all day on their feet accumulate some kind of foot problem at some point in their life. Discovering that the injury I endured weeks prior actually had the potential to be diagnosed, while I am stuck in a valley with gale force winds, miles and miles away from an actual doctor, who I would have to reach using my feet, was not at all convenient. 

Motatapu Alpine Track, Arrowtown,


Mavora Walkway

Episode 27

Days 99 - 102, Takitimu Track (km 2779 to 2850)

"I feel like these massive orange triangles are just looking at me and saying, 'Don’t fuck it up!'"

              I would like to add that a very important inanimate object enters my life this episode but doesn't really get the screen time it deserves. This object is "STICKY"! My new hiking pole, a stick that I found, a few meters away from the area where my actual hiking pole exploded. Love you Sticky! Hope you are enjoying decomposition wherever you are! 

Mavora Walkway,

Te Anau,

Takitimu Track

Days 103 - 104, Southlands (km 2850 to 2933)

Episode 28

"Back on derpy farmlands! I mean the farmland’s not derpy; I’m the derp - derping my way across farm."

          MY LAST FOREST! EVER! I HAVE NEVER GONE BACK INTO THE WOODS SINCE THIS EPISODE! Just kidding, but also that goes without saying, because by this point I assume you know not to believe most things I say too seriously.


Longwood Forest Track

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