West Highland Way


            Nothing will get you up faster after falling over on trail more than being able to absolve the embarrassment, douse yourself in complete irreverence and gain the power of so much humility. Those things, not me - I'm too busy laughing/being a wanker to help.


            Phoebe and Bryony. A week ago I sat at the Costa literally seconds away from the beginning of the West Highland Way drinking a big ass coffee very slowly as a way to hold me back from starting my journey mainly because I was watching a new human start the trail every ten seconds, and was by no means prepared to be a hiking robot zombie, peeing directly beside myself on trail, talking loudly to my video camera about my emotions, and singing All By Myself by Celine (re: my emotions), around two billion people. I'm very much used to doing that almost alone, as I hike on trails where there are only a handful of other hiking robot zombies.

             Then I met you both, somewhere along the Way, and within seconds we became one blob of irreverence and helpfulness. I think it was nice saying "Hello. Goodbye." to a hundred people I passed before being able to say much more to you two. We are cut from the same cloth; a stinky, very much shared and over used hikers towel (mostly used to absorb our laughter tears). We likened ourselves to trolls because of our habit of sleeping by bridges and being messy sleep deprived smelly versions of ourselves but actually maybe our real selves are the trolls because girls, this stuff makes me feel the most human I can possibly feel. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!