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The West Highland Way

 155km/96 miles, 7 days, Scotland, The UK

               Watch as Gay Man Walking embarks on another adventure! This time down The West Highland Way, Scotland's official first long distance trail, running from just outside Glasgow to Fort William, at the base of Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain. After 7 days of walking it is implied that one should finish off the WHW with an ascent up Ben Nevis. Another option is to do what Ross did, which is underestimate how hard the WHW is, get to the base of Ben Nevis, be told to climb it by every person he meets over the next few days while he tries to be as horizontal as possible covered in pastries, and only respond with that exasperated, "Ughhh, don't tell me what to do!!!!" one yells at their parents when they're being shitty wee babes.


            The trail is extremely popular for humans, which means he of course met a lot of these along the way. Like the other trails he's completed but replace the sheep he normally sees with animals that actually can hold a conversation and don't just fly/scitter away when he opens his mouth. He grew very fond of two of these humans, Phoebe and Bryony, who are filmed along with him as they all walk from campsite to campsite, giggle to deal with trail trauma, almost freeze to death, run out of food, drink whiskey, and rely on the kindness of strangers (mainly richer hikers buying us pints).


                 Join him as he trudges for 7 days through the slowly rolling foothills of the Highlands, along the banks of Loch Lomond, and into the fierce Glen Coe and dramatic Glen Nevis, who sometimes he wished were actually just two fierce and dramatic gays named Glen who have come to collect him and take him to Barbados. The ins-and-outs of his journey down the 155km "Apparently Hiking in Scotland in September Means I Should Have Prepared For Nature to Skip Autumn and Head Straight Into Winter" trail are here, for your entertainment, education, and misinformation. Who knows? Maybe through all the emotional confessionals, plethora of mistakes made, and overall doe-eyed enthusiasm Ross has for hiking most of the thing, you may gain some insight into what life could be like on trail, the West Highland Way in general, and how to get way to close to one of the only dangerous-to-humans snakes that exist in the UK despite being told by everyone around you to stop.


              Feel free to send him a message if you have any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, free money, pizza, or just want to tell him the answers to so many of the questions he asks about the nature he films yet know absolutely nothing about. Buckle in for a wild ride of emotions, a friendly stag, sideways rain (the Scotland Special), and two ladies who are possibly more silly and irreverent than Ross..Enjoy!






Milngavie to Drymen

11 miles, 17.7 km



Drymen to Loch Lomond (Sallochy Campsite)

13.5 miles, 21.7 km



Loch Lomond to Inverarnan

16.5 miles, 26.6 km



Inverarnan to Bridge of Orchy,

19 miles, 30.6 km




Bridge of Orchy to Kinlochleven

21 miles, 33.8 km



Kinlochleven to Glen Nevis

12 miles, 19.3 km



Glen Nevis to Fort William

3 miles, 4.8 km


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